Sunday, December 14, 2008

Formula for Heisman Solved

If X = the Heisman Trophy Winner and the formula for solving X is = to the (No. 1 ranked team in BCS + QB on No. 1 Ranked Team) then Sam Bradford, the quarterback of the No. 1-ranked Oklahoma Sooners must be this year's Heisman Trophy winner.

This seems to be the most recent trend in picking the Heisman Trophy winner. It is usually the QB on either the nation's "hottest" team or the QB of the nation's no. 1-ranked team. This year, that was Oklahoma in both cases. However, I don't really have a problem with them picking the winner this way.

When all of the candidates are fairly equal, as was the case this year, you have to pick something that separates them and pushes someone to the forefront. Guiding your team to a 12-1 record, a NCAA record 6-game streak of scoring 60+ points and finishing as the no. 1-ranked team did that for Bradford.

What I don't like about the process is not giving the trophy to the candidate that receives the most first place votes. Using another formula that is even worse than the BCS computer polls, a candidate receives 3 points for every first place vote, 2 points for every second place vote and 1 point for every third place vote. Huh?!? If we are choosing the Heisman Trophy winner, why do we even vote for second and third place? Can't we just determine second place by the candidate that receives the 2nd most votes?

Tim Teebow, last year's winner, received 92 first place votes this year, the most by any candidate. Case closed. Why are we even allowing people to vote for 2nd and 3rd place? Bradford won the Heisman because he received more second place votes than Teebow but less first place votes? It's just another thing about college football that doesn't make sense to me.

Could you imagine if we selected the two teams to play for the national championship based upon 2nd and 3rd place votes and computer formula scenarios? Wait ... we do!

Nevertheless, college football on Saturdays in the fall is still something very special. With that said, the bowl season is about to begin and when it does, I'll be watching the controversy unfold.