Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009-10 College Football Picks

Okay, here we go. I went all out. I even looked up the order of bowl selection and the BCS rules, ha! Enjoy.

1) Florida (11-1, 7-1)
2) Tennessee (9-3, 5-3)
3) Georgia (6-6, 4-4)
4) South Carolina (6-6, 4-4)
5) Vanderbilt (5-7, 2-6)
6) Kentucky (5-7, 1-7)

1) LSU (12-0, 8-0)
2) Ole Miss (10-2, 6-2)
3) Alabama (10-2, 6-2)
4) Arkansas (7-5, 3-5)
5) Auburn (6-6, 2-6)
6) Miss. State (2-10, 0-8)

SEC Championship
Florida revenges their earlier loss to LSU in the SEC Championship Game and makes their case for playing in back-to-back BCS Title Games hoping to become the first 3-time BCS champion.

BCS Championship Game
Texas (13-0) vs. Penn State (12-0) - Let the debate begin. Who is more deserving ... Tim Tebow and the 1 loss Gators or an undefeated Penn State? The Obama led main-stream media cries out to the SEC to “share the wealth” and let a different conference have a chance at winning this year. Penn State’s late-season home win over Ohio State (who had previously knocked off the almighty USC Trojans) is enough to get them in (according to Herbstreit anyway).

Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma (At Large) vs. Boise State (WAC Champ, Top 12 finish) - After Boise State runs the table and finishes in the top 12 of the BCS, the Fiesta Bowl and Fox drool over this potential rematch of the greatest bowl game ever played!

Rose Bowl
California (Pac 10 Champ) vs. Ohio State (At Large) - Ehhhh … the “granddaddy of them all.”

Orange Bowl
Miami (ACC Champ) vs. Notre Dame (At Large - Ugh ... don't get me started. However, the Irish only need 9 wins and to finish ranked in the top 14 and the Orange Bowl snags them up with the first pick. They should … should be able to do that with this year's schedule)

Sugar Bowl
Florida (SEC Champ) vs. Pittsburgh (Big East Champ) - Unfortunately, the Sugar Bowl picks last this year and gets stuck with the Big East Champ.

And the rest of em…

Capital One Bowl – LSU (Capital One has to take SEC runner up unless a team is within one game of said, runner-up. LSU has 2 game lead over the Bummers. Disney bound.)
Cotton Bowl – Alabama (Cotton Bowl takes next highest West team.)
Outback Bowl – Tennessee (Outback Bowl takes next highest East team.)
Chick Fil-A Bowl – Ole Miss (I don't know if Ole Miss has ever played in this game. Heck, have they ever played in a bowl game period?)
Music City Bowl - Georgia (It's not every season that Georgia slips down to the Music City Bowl in the pecking order.)
Liberty Bowl – Auburn (See above. Auburn in the Liberty Bowl = rare.)
Independence Bowl – Arkansas (Arkansas makes more sense than South Carolina from a regional standpoint.)
Papa Bowl – South Carolina (The last SEC slated spot.)